Competency Model for Professional Project Managers

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Competency Model for Professional Project Managers
The Project Management Partners Competency Model was developed from the observable behaviours of successful, professional project managers in a variety of application areas. It provides a consistent, coherent structure for assessing the capabilities of current and prospective project managers. The Competency Model can be used to: • Guide a training needs assessment to help optimize the use of scarce training dollars by identifying gaps between job requirements and incumbent skill levels. • Perform individual competency assessments to evaluate current project managers or to screen prospective project managers. • Conduct an organization-wide competency assessment to ensure that the most
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The sender must make the information clear and unambiguous. The receiver must make sure the information is
Competency Model for Professional Project Managers

complete and understood. Communicating has many dimensions: written and oral; listening and speaking; internal and external; formal and informal; vertical and horizontal. Successful project managers: • Send clear messages • Choose the form and timing of the message for their audience • Create communications that look professional • Use language carefully • Confirm the accuracy of information sent and received • Explain things well • Listen carefully to others

Organisational Effectiveness
Organizational effectiveness is the ability to "get things done." It requires an understanding of the formal and informal structures of all the organizations involved. Successful project managers: • Know who to go to for help • Win approval of requests for support • Show respect for individuals regardless of position • Maintain a network of contacts from whom to get assistance • Know which resources are scarcest and manage them most carefully

Team Building
A team is a group of individuals who depend on each other for success ("no one succeeds unless we all do"). Team building means encouraging and enabling people to work together as a team to accomplish the project. Successful project managers: • Define the team to include all the stakeholders • Share management
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