Competency : Patient Centered Care

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QSEN Reflection

Competency 1: Patient-Centered Care I’m currently in an outpatient clinic at Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC), so more than in inpatient; the patient care is a bit more fragmented. There is front desk staff that checks the patient in upon arrival; a nurse then calls each back to be seen. I’m in a cardiac unit, so after each patient is properly checked in, they are asked to wait for further testing before the practitioners can examine the patient. Some of these tests include, echocardiogram and stress tests and specific lab work. But I do feel once the physicians and nurses see their patient, their needs are the main focus. We practice therapeutic communication and use open-ended questions. I’ve also notice reflective listening to be used as well. Patient education is a must in this population, since many have limitations when it comes to lifestyle choices. An area I feel the heart team does an excellent job in addressing. As for their health literacy levels, since these clients have lived with their complex cardiac condition most of their lives, I believe their, or family’s, health literacy is relatively high. Most understand the severity of their disease and how it affects most other aspects of their lives. When it comes to an exercise regimen or planning a family, their cardiac health plays a key factor. Although, there are those minority with secondary mental disabilities that are at higher risk of errors in self-care, but what…
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