Competency, Self, And Self Esteem

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Working in a group or with an organization where they have diverse individuals with different characters is an important tool that helps people determine their strength and areas of development when working with others. It helps indicate one’s level of competency, self-efficacy and self-esteem; it also helps people to measure his or her potencies. Strength I have demonstrated thus far in my placement that I can strongly relate to this assignment is open-minded. I picked this because I am open-minded enough, and this makes self-disclosure easy for me to manage when working with different individuals. Within the context of my professional learning, it is required for a Social Service Worker to build trust with their clients in order to provide competent and effective services. Sometimes last month, I cannot remember the exact day. A gentle men client in his sixtyish walked into my placement, I did not notice who he was or exactly what he wanted at first, but he eventually walked up to my desk asking about our employment services. His name is Roger. At this time, one of the employment service worker staffs named Latoya was at her desk close to my desk since she and I share the same desk as an employment worker. That is, Roger, Latoya, and I were involved. The client in question came to me talking a lot of things about his life, how miserable he believe is life is because he could not secure a job. He mentioned how many times he has sent out resume to many job postings, but did
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