Competent Language Usage Essentials: Grammar Practice Test

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Competent Language Usage Essentials (C.L.U.E.)
Diagnostic Test Form A

Name ______________________________________________ Score __________________

Grammar: In the space provided, write the letter indicating the word that correctly completes each sentence. Use only one answer for each question.

___ 1. If I (a) was (b) were you, I would take the job.
___ 2. She dropped off her report when she (a) come (b) came over last week.
___ 3. A list showing all the documents prepared for the attorneys (a) was (b) were missing.
___ 4. An executive’s time and energy (a) has (b) have to remain focused on achieving corporate goals.
___ 5. How important (a) is (b) are salary, benefits, and job security to you?
___ 6. Please
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___ 24. When Alicia is absent, we have only 3 operators in our Customer Service Department.
___ 25. We ordered 15 Pentax Cameras to be awarded as prizes.
___ 26. Our interviewing team consists of these people: Ann Simms, Accounting, Tom Burns, Human Resources, and Carlos Santana, Operations.
___ 27. My graduating class is having it’s ten-year reunion June 10.
___ 28. The stockholders’ meeting was heavily advertised, however, attendance was
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