Essay about Competition Among Fast Food Chains

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Competition Among Fast Food Chains


To begin with, for the fast food industry around the world, the leading fast food chains; marketing information is wrapped around from convenience location, changing preference, quality of food, pricing of fast food, potential customers, age of the customers, menu selection and diversification and last of all ' superior service.

From marketing perspective, LOCATION for the fast food service to the potential customers is most important according to Maritz Marketing Research. The recent study showed the location has to be convenient. The analysis said that adults under the age of 65 prefer convenient location for their fast food.
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These days, customers look forward for a superior quality. As a matter of fact ' PRICING also becomes a very significant factor along with quality. Fast food chains are now highlighting on the VALUE MEALS. This value meal is a combined package of different items within a very suitable pricing range, which can be afforded by mass customers. The low pricing strategies or value meals have become one of the benchmarks of competitive advantages among the fast food chains.

Along with above-mentioned factors for the marketing information, we have few findings from the given case - fast food industry must know about customers’ need and want. The demand of customer is always something new, so the marketers must have knowledge about new menu and verities of food in the offerings. Different customer like different taste, but nobody likes to compromise with their tastes. Fast food industry must know about the place, which is preferable to the customers. Convenience location should be a major focusing point for the marketing in fast food chains.


Role of marketing research in fast food industry has an enormous impact. The emphasis in marketing is one the identification and satisfaction of customer needs. In order to determine customer needs and implementing marketing strategies and programs aimed at satisfying those needs, there is no other option than research.

Marketing research plays
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