Competition Between Companies

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For years many companies have struggled to be and to remain the best. To do this they had to go through advertising their products; televisions, radio, internet and sports. This is called competition; the main purpose for this is mainly to attract customers. These procedures can benefit but also be harmful towards the company. Thus brings the main concern of this essay which shall discus both sides of this situation opposing and supporting it. Firstly, brand quality of products sometimes does not matter to consumers; just as long as it is affordable. For instance there are many varieties of brands such as Nike, Adidas, Coca cola and so forth. Yet commercials show all these products and companies do not realize that the price of the…show more content…
Take for example Article base (2007) states that Honda and Toyota knows America wants fuel-efficient vehicles. This case made the two companies work hard thus producing a vehicle that gets more and more mile per gallon. It is very expensive but a lot of people are waiting in line to get this product. This example shows that consumers go for the best brand quality no matter what. Another point is Flexibility; companies know that season changes thus consumer’s demands also changes. Therefore Coca cola and Pepsi two competing companies produce besides soft drinks, water, ice tea etc. This was to resolve the problem they faced during seasonal change that their soft drinks coca cola or Pepsi sales decreased; from this solution they remarkably still continued selling and earning profit as they produced other products which will be essential during that particular season. This is also the advantage of flexibility and competition to a company. Finally is the location, Companies compete for the best location as it ensures the flow of profits, by one; marketable areas such as America are good places to locate business Thus most famous companies are located there for instance Toyota number one and holding fifteen percent of Americans sales. Honda, Nike and Adidas all these companies also go to a marketable location thus becoming the most famous companies in the world. Therefore the competition

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