Competition Is A Necessary Part Of Civilization

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Competition is a necessary part of civilization that is irremovable, even though people try to remove it. No matter how hard you try there will always be competition in society. By removing it from children in their early developmental stage and in adulthood, this will not only hurt them in the long run, but it will ultimately be fruitless. While the thought behind getting rid of competition is to remove the negative effects that can come from it, but without it there can be negative effects as well. This is why I believe the problem of the twenty-first century is the coddling of society. Through the removal of competition, society coddles its members to protect them from competition that has been a part of society since the caveman days. There is a new trend in parenting: that by removing competition from their child’s life to help remove the negative effects that can come from competition to protect their child from it. Parents generally believe it is healthier for their children to grow up without competition in their life than with it. In the study conducted by Uri Gneezy and Aldo Rustichini, they found that on average people performed better when put in a competitive environment then when measured in a non-competitive environment. Gneezy and Rustichini recorded the time it took for a child to run a race by himself and then he recorded the time it took for the same kids to run the same race, but with other kids competing against them. They found that on average most…
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