Competitive Advantage Analysis: Big Mabel's Food Truck

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Competitive Advantage Analysis Downtown Customer Eats food, often on the run. Quick lunch is priority. Quality less important than location. Other examples are sandwiches, pizza slices, soup, salad, fast food burgers Stadium Customer Eats food, sometimes at seat, or on the fly. Main options are stadium food (hot dogs, pizza, burgers) and eating at a bar or restaurant before the game (casual American cuisine). Entertainment District Customer Primarily a snacker. Eats on the fly. Competing options include pizza slices, hot dogs, falafels, subs, tacos Family Event Customer Feeding a family, will probably sit down with the food. Competing options depend on event, but usually other food truck-type options like burgers, pizza, sandwiches, tacos or paninis. The competitive advantage matrix highlights that most of our customers are seeking the convenience aspect, and we compete against other convenience foods, more than against fine dining establishments or even fast casual (Applebee's, etc.). While our ability to visit multiple locations is good for overall traffic, we entice customers with having a higher quality of food and a differentiated offering as our main sources of competitive advantage for the buying decision of the individual customer. Also, we can try to trade on a "cool" factor as well. Let's face it fried chicken is awesome and so are waffles. A dry grey burger made from bits of ten cows and a couple of horses simply cannot compete on taste with our

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