Competitive Advantage For Canadian Tire

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Competitive Advantages The competitive advantage for Canadian Tire stems from the dependency on its dealers and how they interact with their local economy and community. As the dealers are at the front line in garnering profits and attracting and retaining customers, it is critical that they adjust the supplies and stocks accordingly to the needs of their community. The competitive advantage for the Canadian Tire brand relies on three key elements that the dealers possess in order to support a growing and profitable business. According to the Canadian Tire Annual Report (2010), the brand depends on the “business instincts, [the dealer’s] connection and commitment to their communities and their local market insights to ensure [they’re] offering relevant products at competitive prices” (p. 29). By increasing their presence in the community, Canadian Tire dealers have been able to shape a positive image of the company within their communities. Through championing their ideals of ensuring the prosperity of the local communities, Canadian Tire has made a difference for individuals within the local area as well as the communities. This company has been made their highest priority commitment to place the customer’s needs ahead of all else. As a result of increased brand recognition through altruistic community involvement, Canadian Tire brand is able to attract more customers who are drawn to companies with good intentions and whose focus is on local community and organizations.
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