Competitive Advantage Of Designer Directory

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Competitive advantage
Designer Directory
The RealReal has a designer directory, which is a list of brands they accept to do the consignment service. For each category, they have specific restrictions. For example, they only accept women items less than 10 years old and men items less than 5 years old. The restricted brand list make The RealReal different from other consignment stores, putting more focus on high-end brands and targeting people who eager for the luxury goods they feel pressured to afford, but not people just wanna seek for goods in lower prices.

Consigning process
“Everyone is so busy today and The RealReal’s goal is to make it easy to sell your luxury items.” The RealReal claims that they make consigning effortless,
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Every photos they posted online is high-definition that you can see every small scratches and wrinkles. For instance, buyers are even able to see some ash on the shoe sole.
In order to give consignors the most joyful resale experience, The RealReal’s consigning process not only save consignors’ precious time, but also help them take care of their goods. For buyers, The RealReal guarantees the authenticity and quality of the second-hand goods, preventing them from being treated by other unprofessional consignment stores. What’s more, every clothes are steamed and every pair of shoes are brushed before they are shipped to buyers.
The company’s full services strategy, including product pickup and distribution, authenticity process and information exposure, has helped to differentiate the site from several competitors and could even potentially eat away at other competitors’ revenues in future.

RealBook Luxury resale book
Besides its shopping app, The RealReal has released another app called The RealBook, which is a huge advancement for those looking to become smart, savvy shoppers in a digital age. RealBook offers evaluation of specific luxury goods by compiling and analyzing data from past purchases on the site. Much of the information seems fairly intuitive. For example, Chanel, Hermès and Christian Louboutin hold value the longest, with Gucci and Louis Vuitton trailing close behind. Cartier, David Yurman and Van Cleef and Arpels
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