Competitive Advantage Through People, Polycentric Staffing Essay

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For competitive advantage through people, polycentric staffing was a short-term strategy to limit turnover. However, as Rudd and Lawson (2007) suggested for the long term, practices and processes that maximize the benefits in each country become necessary and focus shifts to cultural information flow to serve multiple needs. For this, leadership, culture, competencies and organization in Lenovo ought to be for significant transformations. Regular team building exercises promote a culture where different nationalities view colleagues as part of their group. Thus, team building assist one understand different leadership styles, cultural practices and emphasizing team work.
a) Information
Knowledge creation and information management are potential sources of competitiveness. Managers are able to make informed decisions on strategic capabilities and business models (Johnson et al., 2008). Making English the official business language enhances communication, and avoiding clashes in aspects of cultural differences is crucial. Effective information flow assists in capturing differences, recognizing challenges, benchmarking best practices and discovering collaboration opportunities.
b) Technology
It is possible for competitors to acquire technology, limiting it as a source of competitive advantage. Technology should increase the flow of consistent information and aid in decision-making. Boh and Yelling (2007) propose leveraging technology distributed in different business units.
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