Competitive Advantage of Chinese Manufacturing

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"In the manufacturing sector which, as long as the Chinese do, others do not do it" is a vivid portrayal of today's manufacturing industry. China's manufacturing sector from the initial simple imitation, to continue to practice and innovation, to create a summary sublimation with Chinese characteristics, the most competitive and lowest cost manufacturing management model, management processes, technology, China Manufacturing took only 20 years it took nearly 200 years of Western history counterparts.
After 20 years of reform and opening up, China has become a manufacturing powerhouse. Starting from the earliest costume hats, today more and more Chinese enterprises to continuously delivery of products around the world. Anywhere in the
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Third, Chinese enterprises to achieve the extreme division of labor, the largest full advantage of the resources
Chinese enterprises have already done the ultimate division of the industry, give full play to the greatest advantage of resources. In China's eastern and southern China there have been a lot of industrial clusters, and the division of labor between these industrial clusters are very detailed. My study has been done an umbrella factory Zhejiang, do a little umbrellas to complete more than 20 enterprise collaboration, the umbrella on each part is accomplished by a factory, put the cost of such a cooperation is achieved too low. While doing a motorcycle to more than 100 factories in Zhejiang, to collaborate, to complete, which put the cost may be very low. This form unique to China's industrial division of labor - specialization, with strictly. We believe that relying on such industry patterns and division of labor, Chinese companies advantages in the manufacturing industry will become increasingly evident. Even Chinese companies are now not dominated industries such as automobiles, one day as household appliances, motorcycles, in competition with foreign rivals in the process, we will take a great competitive advantage, it is only a question of time. Another ten or twenty years, China's
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