Competitive Advantages In Fairy Hot Bread And Cake House

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There are several competitive advantages in Fairy Hot Bread & Cake House Sdn. Bhd. One of it is on the price of the product. In the way to do customer satisfaction, the company was also providing the price that affordable for the customer to buy it. The price of the foods that they give is also suit with the quality of the food that they give. With no limits of age could eat the foods that they give , the price still could be buy by others people as the foods is very cheap and suit with the taste.
Next, all the raw materials that they used in producing the foods are come from Halal raw material. The flour, yeast, sugar, butter, and eggs were also having Halal certificates. This is one of the competitive advantages
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Some organizations are not concerned with the inspection because the process to carry out the inspection process is complicated and should be used. Grin fairy company, the employees will make sure that every raw material they received from suppliers will be made the inspection. This is because companies fairy-conscious quality as a key ingredient in the company. First of all examination is made when the reception of raw materials where the workers will make sure raw material dispatched by the supplier in many situations and have no…show more content…
When the Fairy had registered for HACCP certificates, they made a regulation in the company. Admin department send the message to the operation department but the staff of the operation did not want to comply the regulation. More specifically, HACCP set the usage of chiller that store of the cakes need to be schedule for making the cakes maintaining the quality but the staff doesn’t want to follow that rule cause they think it will make chaos to the production process of the cakes. This will show issue on staff behavior on through the staff experience and the junior manager in the Fairy. The senior or experience staff did not want to follow from the junior

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