Competitive Advantages Of A Competitive Company

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Competitive advantages must identifying a specific target audience with a clearly need, developing and delivering a high quality of products and services in appropriately priced to be the best than anybody else. But what are the elements of a competitive company? Here are some factors that helps the organization to become a competitor in market.

1. Cost leadership:
It is a business strategy that allows a company to lowest cost production in an industry. There are two options in businesses to improve profits, increasing or decreasing costs. This strategy focuses on acquiring a highest raw materials at lowest price then change them into valuable consumer goods. Low cost leadership often leads to increases in market share.

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This is the key to achieving competitive advantage for your business.

6. Encourage workers to talk with their leader:
Especially about their problems. Employees feel safe when they speak or ask for a help from their leader rather than to feel fearful, this will leads to better performance outcomes. Feeling safe in the workplace supports the spirit of experimentation for new innovations. Kamal (2015) shown that "empowerment, when coupled with good training and teamwork, leads to superior performance outcomes whereas a range of efficient manufacturing and operations practices do not". (Kamal, 2015)
A positive workplace is the best successful place over the time because its well-being and increases positive emotions. In turn, it amplifies people 's ability and creativity and improve their relationship with other co-workers. Also it improving employee’s ability to attack challenges and difficulties while boosting their health. This make the employees more loyal to the organizations and the leader as well as bringing out their best strengths.

According to Lewin 's (1958) theory there are three clearest and simplest steps models about change management. First step is "unfreeze" people always need to understand why things should done in another ways. The process of "unfreezing" is sensitive culture, which means explaining why the organization is
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