Competitive Advantages Of Refan

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As mentioned earlier in the text the internationalization process begins with differentiation of the product. Refan is operating in the cosmetic industry and one of the competitive advantages is the innovation of their perfumes which are created on water basis, unlike their competitors which use alcohol basis for their products. (, 2012)
One of Refan’s non-transferable advantages is the know-how technology which their French partner “Mane” introduce to them. (, 2012) Owing to this advantage the French company wins the “FiFi” award which honors the fragrances’ innovations and achievements. (The Fragrance Foundation, 2017) Their knowledge and long-term experience create specific production processes which facilitate and improve the quality of the products.
Another non-transferable advantage is related to the natural
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However, there are weaknesses which the company can overcome and continue to develop.
After reviewing the competitive advantage of Refan can be concluded that the strengths of the company are related to its competitiveness and low and accessible prices for its customers. One other strength is that the company owns many shops all over the world which on specific location close to customers. The innovative methods including traditional fragrance oil production increase the demand for natural cosmetic goods.
However, the company has its weaknesses and one of them is that Refan does not have the possibility to move or create more fabrics in different countries because of the natural resources in order to decrease its cost. Natural products require a lot of time and employees to collect and process the flowers which make the production more expensive but more qualitative.
The opportunities which appear are related to the innovation of the products and globalizing their company. Refan can continue to expand and conquer the big and medium sized cities on each
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