Competitive Advantages the Apple's

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1. * What, historically, have been Apple's competitive advantages?
Apple’s mission is to make products that were cutting edge, designed beautifully, and easy to use. They have been able to keep this competitive advantage not only by relying on its own proprietary designs but also by refusing to license their hardware to third parties. They tend to be a leader in new technologies such as the first desktop solution, mp3 player, and touch screen cell phone.
Jobs believed deeply in focus while the previous CEOs sought to broaden Apple’s products. Apple had one of the narrowest product lines of any company of comparable size. Jobs also believed in extreme practices of secrecy, “closed door policy” in which key cards accessed only certain
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They were able to capture over 14% of the smart phone market and introduced the Apple App Store which would bring in even more revenue and benefits to customers which would convince them to buy the iPhone. Overall people still continue to purchase the iPhone and there seems to be a sort of “following” for Apple created products, so I do not think that Apple will have a problem with maintaining a position in the smart phone market. 3. What are Apple's long-term prospects for the iPad?
The iPad was designed to be a middle ground between the smart phone and laptop. Some thought that the iPad would be a replacement for the Kindle fire but that was never Jobs intention. Eventually Jobs thought that the iPad would kill the laptop market but my personal opinion is that it never will. The capabilities and design of the iPad does not always provide the same experience that a laptop does, so only time will tell where the iPad goes. 4. What advice would you offer the new CEO Tim Cook? * Global expansion----like open more stores worldwide * For iPhone---open phones to every carrier * Develop its one-to-one apple program * Pursue stronger strategic alliances with software
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