Competitive Analysis - Car Wash Industry

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Introduction The task of this assignment is to complete a competitive analysis of two of the largest competitors in the industry of chosen study. This researcher’s chosen field is the Car Wash industry. Unlike many industries, the Car Wash industry does not have dominant players or franchise names that rule across the country. Unlike other automobile related industries such as oil change (Rapid Oil Change), tires and batteries (Goodyear), and auto parts retailers (NAPA), where these types of name players may have thousands of locations throughout the country, there are no big name players in the Car Wash industry. Although there are companies that own and operate multiple car wash facilities, most of these multi-location owners…show more content…
Since the in-bay operations attached to a gas station are primarily an auxiliary business to the gas and auto repair services, the researcher views these as a totally different segment of business altogether and worthy of a separate analysis. Focusing on the analysis between the full-service and unattended self –serve companies will attempt to explain the business concepts from product description, target market, customer value proposition, branding, market positioning, and financial analysis.
Product Description The full-service car wash business is just that; full service. However, there are many variations to full-service. Most wash businesses will offer different levels of quality and services at different price points. At the very least, a full-service wash would normally include a complete and high quality exterior wash of the vehicle with high tech computerized conveyor equipment. Included in this exterior wash may be a wax and paint sealer, undercarriage wash, tire and wheel cleaning, and glass treatment. Additionally, dependent on packaged purchased, interior carpet vacuuming, floor mat, and window cleaning could be included. To finish the job off, towel dried by hand to complete the full-service package. And for the final touch, air freshener sprayed inside the interior to give the customer that new car smell. The services and packages offered at a full-service car wash business are endless. Many car wash businesses add ancillary services to
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