Competitive Analysis Of The Walt Disney Company

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Competitive Analysis
A business unit can be defined by a set of operating divisions that are organized by market, customer, product, or other means, which essentially act as self-sufficient businesses with separate profits. (Thompson et al 2015).
A firm’s competitive strength considers how it prices, costs and capabilities compare against their major competitors. The Walt Disney Company faces a number of competitors across its various business units.
First this includes theme parks, hotels and resorts, and Disney’s cruise lines. Disney has parks, in numerous global cities. In 2014 Disney had an 18% increase in operations (Gamble & Turnipseed 2014).
The next competitive strength includes Walt Disney's cable networks, broadcast television networks, television production and television station operations. Unit 2 represents Disney’s highest performing unit. Disney owns numerous domestic and international networks. Disney itself sees its Media Networks as being a profitable unit for them
Another strength of Disney is that it is made up of live action and animated motion picture production, music publishing and live theatrical productions. Studio entertainment has a low return on investment. (Gamble & Turnipseed 2014).
Children’s book publishing and consumer products in retail make up another strength of Disney. In 2011 Disney was the largest licensor of character based merchandise in the world (Gamble & Turnipseed 2014), and lastly there is interactive media. This is the
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