Competitive Analysis

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Project Report On Competitive analysis of Gini & Jony Submitted by, Anchal Sahu Deepa Arthi S International brands for kids wear: We have taken five international brands for the competitive analysis. The brands are * Chicco * Tommy Hilfiger * United Color of Benetton * Reebok Juniors * Mother Care SWOT Analysis: S -Strength W -Weakness O -Opportunities T –Threats Chicco Brand: Chicco is an Italian baby care brand established in 1958. Chicco specialize in making clothing and equipment for babies and toddlers. Chicco is a multinational company. Strength: * Customers can get…show more content…
Opportunities: * As it is positioned as sports brand if the quantity of cricket bats and balls is more the sales may increase. Threats: * The availability of stock is less so customer may prefer to go for another brand. Mother Care: Strength: * It is consider as a stranded preference and specific. * Rather than apparels they are also providing body lotions, Toiletries. * Parking free for loyal customer and first three days discount only for the membership card holders. Weakness: * No proper stock availability. Opportunities: * If they provide cartoon characters in apparels the sales might increase. Threat: * The Visual merchandising is done according to the U.K base. It should be according to the Indian perspective of mind. National Brands: We have taken three national brands for the competitive analysis. The brands are * Catmoss * Lilliput * Mom & Me Catmoss: Strength: * If customer purchase for Rs.1500 they will get life time discount of 10% and every purchase of more than Rs.1000 they will get gift voucher of Rs.200 * Sofas are in the form of football and dice to attract kids. Weakness: * They are not manufacturing kid’s party wear. Opportunities: * Sales may increase if they include party wear also. * Customer may become more loyal as they are giving life time discount. Threats: * As they do not provide
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