Competitive Analysis : Restaurants, Advertising, And Social Media Content

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Competitive Analysis

Advertising is the use of mass media content with the intent to persuade audiences into taking action on products, services, and ideas. This factor measures how heavily the competitor is engaged in promotional efforts in terms of budget and reach when compared to the competitor 's sales and market.

Advertising will be a source of competitive advantage for Taste Houston. By utilizing a large budget generated from 7% of the tenant 's sales, Taste Houston will be able to reach audiences through mediums that many small restaurants either ignore or can 't afford. Taste Houston will conduct a largely annual advertisement campaign through traditional advertisement mediums to inform consumers of the facility 's opening, and its change in tenants in subsequent years. Online forms of advertisement, including search engine optimization, paid ads, and social media content, will be continued throughout the year to uphold a visible presence in the eyes and minds of consumers. Due to budget limitations, however, traditional medium forms such as television, newspaper, radio, magazines, billboards and the like will be restricted to one month terms, with the annual advertising campaign spanning from 1 to 3 months. Social media content, as free to cheap marketing tool, will be utilized to keep Taste Houston forefront in the minds of consumers, giving them a daily view of the business, its industry, its community, and even its consumers.

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