Competitive Analysis : Shell Company

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Shell is the largest oil, gas, and energy company compared to Total, Exxon, Chevron, and BP. Shell is very competitive and innovative because they out-think their competition & always change their strategy to be the best. Shell changed their name from Shell Oil & Gas to Shell Energy to set them aside from the competition which was a brilliant move. Peter Voser, the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell stated, “We are delivering a strategy that others can’t easily repeat, with unique skills in technology and integration and a worldwide set of opportunities for new investment”. Shell recently invested and merged with BG Group and changed the entire portfolio which could possibly make them billions in the
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BP tends to make bets that others don’t which is most likely why the disastrous deep water horizon oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico five years ago. The fire burned for 36 hours while hydrocarbons leaked into the gulf before the well was sealed, unfortunately eleven individuals died. It has been difficult for BP to be the best company right now since this falling and they have been in reparation mode since this catastrophe. However, BP is now incorporating high safety and showed everyone that they are very reliable on the recovery of this hardship of BP trying to mix oil with water. BP came together to control the situation, cleanup, and diminish as much contamination as possible into the gulf. In addition, they are devoted long term to improve the Gulf of Mexico’s bionetwork and promise to be more careful so this will not happen again. Shell must be sharp and focus to sustain competitive advantage over Total, Exxon, Chevron, and BP. Shell lowered costs at its Canadian operations to ensure that they remain competitive in other regions. Shell is believed to be around longer than any other oil, gas, and energy company because of the new patents and creations they are about to be a part of in the alternative energy industry. Shell has countless projects in the future and will still be the largest and
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