Competitive Analysis Within the Human Resources Consulting Industry

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“Success can be the consultant’s worst enemy” (Kubr, page 625) Consulting as a profession has been around since the nineteenth century with Frederick W. Taylor practicing in scientific management. Consultants provide advice for a fee which can be dispensed in a number of verticals including: management, accounting, environmental, taxation, engineering, and many more. There are a number of consulting firms that provide specialized or generalist advice according to their client’s needs and profession. Such consulting firms that have a global presence include the following: Deloitte, KPMG, Ernest & Young, Price Waterhouse, Accenture, IBM. Due to constraints, this assignment will focus on Deloitte as the competition within the…show more content…
Usually consultants are the first to go during lay-offs along with other non-profitable areas like HR. Technological - Opportunity Providing best HR practices by providing on-line and over the phone support. Leveraging from new technologies to provide reports (HRIS) and recruit talent with an applicant tracking system (ATS). Maintaining skills matrix with HRIS for promotions. Using social media to recruit such as Linked-In, Facebook, etc. Political/legal - Opportunity Changes in labour law (employment, health and safety, human rights, privacy, etc) can provide opportunities for HR to provide advice. Socio/cultural - Opportunity Providing recruitment advise in retaining talent such as baby boomers and recruiting new talent - generation Y. Natural, or ecological - Threat Depending on the client such as the travel/hospitality industry it could be a threat if they are affected by natural events. As noted earlier you will see there are a number of threats and opportunities in the hr consulting industry. It is up to the individual firm to determine how they will leverage from the opportunities and minimize the risks associated with threats in the environment. These opportunities and threats are ever changing and in order to remain a strategic player in the marketplace one needs to keep a pulse of their environment.
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