Competitive Business Environment At & T And Verizon

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In today 's competitive business environment, companies need not only remain focused on an area of expertise but employee sustainment. Business leaders realize the need to foster and develop relationships with emerging organizations and solidify partnerships that offer complementary strengths. These alliances are designed to deliver robust solutions to address business challenges, drive revenue and exploit new market opportunities. But, what about the backbone of these organizations…the employees? Through the development of a complete benefit packages, companies are able to develop differentiated solutions that provide a competitive advantage. Telecommunications leaders such as Sprint, AT&T and Verizon leverage their industry-leading…show more content…
Sprint, AT&T and Verizon have to some extent been shaped or influenced by the approach of each other’s benefit packages. While trying to remain the front leaders in their industry, each company remains cognizant of the importance employees and providing the best comprehensive benefits package. It’s equally important to have access to benefits as is understanding them and knowing how to use them wisely. But, which organization is better and why? For example, AT&T proclaims they’re all about connecting people. AT&T states, “One of the most meaningful connections we make with our employees is providing them with access to a comprehensive, competitive package of benefit.” AT&T’s Medical Plan consists of a program called CarePlus. CarePlus is designed for if you want additional coverage beyond what’s offered through your medical plan. CarePlus is an optional supplemental medical program, offering you protection from the high cost of certain treatments and procedures not covered by many health plans. Highlights include: • Coverage for emerging treatments for cancer and other severe, life threatening diseases. • 100 percent reimbursement for approved procedures by network providers. • Online second opinions through eCleveland Clinic. • Occupational therapy and speech therapy for the treatment of autism. • Genetic testing to test for blood clotting sensitivity and prescription drug metabolization. • Nitric Oxide Breath testing for diagnosis and
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