Competitive Figure Skater Analysis

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As a student am I am always on time to class and also when I get to class I like to learn right away. Another thing is that I never get into trouble with any teacher. I don’t like to slack off during class or not pay attention. Also I am a student who helps out other students when they need help. Finally, I am a student who likes to likes to do extra work for a class.
When my dad was filling out the paper I was kind of shocked by what he had to say about me. For one of the answers he out that I was sportive/active and that I was a competitive Figure Skater. That was not what I thought he was going to write. Moving on to question two, my dad wrote that he hopes I tell very enjoyable stories in school this year. The third answer was my favorite. My old man puts that he doesn’t remember that far back, and I thought he was going to put something different. Another answer my dad puts was on the
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The answer I put in the first question is similar to what my parent put, my answer was that I am active and am good at writing on the other hand, my dad put that I am sportive and a very competitive U.S figure skater. On the next question we put the same things just different wording, I put I hope to tell good thing about my experience in school this year, whereas he put down I hope she tells me she had a very enjoyable school year. Moving right along to the third question we put very different answers, I put that my parent was one of the cool kids, on the other hand my dad puts that he does not remember that far back. For question four we put similar things, I put that I have no concern and my dad put the same thing. The next answer was similar we both put down e-mail and phone. For the final question we put down different things. I said that I was quiet and on the other hand my dad put no, that there is nothing else that he could tell about
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