Competitive Forces Of A Business

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The success of a business will be determine by the response against the threat that these competitive forces generates (Hinton 2009). Figure 2 highlighted the main threats and competitive forces for my chosen company, focused in the two main: Threats of the new entrants and existing competitors.

In reaction and counterattack against the threat of the new entrants, Morton Scott Company has created a sustainable strategy which is focusing in the protection of the environment with special attention to their customers and the financial status of the company. This actions has developed a strong loyalty from the regular office workers customer due to the interest of many of them in the green policies. These green policies are explained by the bar tenders to the regular customer and the company became well known as an environmentally friendly. Moreover, the company is focusing on enhance their customer service. Both strategies could be consider as a kind of barrier against the new entrants.

In addition, the sustainable information system of the company have been contributing to raise awareness among its employees of the importance of the protection of the environment. The company has implemented an internal sustainable programme which is controlled and monitored periodically to guarantee that every employee understand the purpose of this policy. The policy is including into the staff handbook and it gives to every employee during the induction programme.

The threat of
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