Competitive Global Market: THe Case of Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation

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In 2014 Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation (NPC) took the first place on the DiversityInc Top 50 List (DiversityInc, 2014). More than twelve hundred companies participated in the annual survey, but only 50 companies were nominated. NPC, a company with more than eight thousand employees, was able to achieve this result because of creative initiatives and strong leadership support. Thus “the executive leadership team’s annual performance-management goals include a 20 percent weighting toward people-related objectives, which have specific diversity objectives”. Company has the Diversity & Inclusion department and the Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council. This department helped develop a strategic planning process and build diversity-training curriculum. Rhonda Crichlow, Vice President and U.S. Head of Diversity & Inclusion at NPC, says that “company believes that diverse backgrounds and experiences bring value in many ways, by helping us address the needs of patients and customers, enhancing immeasurably our work environment, and enabling all associates to contribute fully, maximize their potential, and ultimately succeed in meeting our business priorities”. Unfortunately EchoStar does not share the point of view of the DiversityInc Top 50 List winner, paying little attention to the issue of diversity.
Measuring Impact
According to the HR department, EchoStar has not been conducting any surveys related to diversity in the workplace for more than five years. The company does…