Competitive Performance Analysis Of Welspun Corp Ltd

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Research Topic:
A research on Competitive Performance Analysis Of Welspun Corp Ltd.
Research Objective:
1) To study and analyze the financial position of Welspun Corp Ltd.
2) To know the overall operating efficiency and performance of firm.
3) To compare Welspun Corp Ltd. with Industry (i.e. competitors).
4) To know the value of Welspun Corp Ltd.
5) To know the position of Welspun Corp Ltd. in the industry.
Need of the Study:
1. The study will provide benefits to various parties directly or indirectly related with the company.
2. It is beneficial to Management of the company by providing crystal clear picture regarding important aspects like liquidity, leverage, activity and profitability.
3. The investors who are interested in investing in the company’s shares will get benefited by going through the study and can easily take a decision whether to invest in the company’s share.

Research Methodology: The information is collected from Secondary Sources during the project. That information was utilized for performance evaluation and based on that, interpretations were made and suggestions were given.

Sources of Secondary Data:-
1. Audited Annual Report of Welspun Corp Ltd.
Limitation of the Study:-
1. Lack of availability of ample information; as financial data are confidential to the company; is the factor which has limited the study.

Business Valuation:-
In finance, valuation is the process of estimating what…
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