Competitive Sport And Its Effect On Sports

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Competitive sport initially was an activity shared by people as a way of taking their minds off the woes and miseries of life whether it be by spectating or being directly involved with the game. Competitive sport should be used as a way to socialise with friends through an activity which all enjoy. Looking at sport today we wonder how it got to this point of failure. Competitive sport in the 21st century is riddled with cheating, corruption and exploiting the lapses in the system. Money laundering, illegal gambling, pseudo identities, the list goes on and on. I addition to all these filthy traits, sport has been sufficiently supplying serious lifelong suffering injuries to people ranging from early childhood to old age. Sport has become a blemish that is deeply set within our society’s culture.
It is well known around the world that sport generates most of its profits not off the spectators nor advertising but the people wagering money on games or races. Of the projected $95 billion dollars bet on NFL and college football in America in 2015, $93 billion will be done illegally. “Illegal sports betting is reaching new heights of popularity in America states” American Gaming Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman during a press release. The seriousness of illegal gambling in America and around the world is unprecedented and increasing at chilling rates. The 2014 Super Bowl alone generated nearly $4 billion in illegal bets. Many experts and government officials are calling…
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