Competitive Sports Should Be Allowed For Young Kids And Teenagers

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There have been many debates over the topic of whether competitive sports should be allowed or not. Competitive sports have been going on for a while now (164 years ago, to be exact) so why stop now? Competitive sports should be allowed for young kids and teenagers because they help kids learn important feelings and lessons, vital to know in the real world, whether current or future, it helps athletes get a head start in life more than non-athletes, and competitive sports helps kids to be and stay healthy.
One reason that competitive sports should be allowed is because they help kids learn important feelings and lessons, vital to know in real life. To illustrate, one benefit of competitive sports is improved self-esteem. If a child wins whatever game they are playing, they feel important and accomplished. But when they lose, they still, learn something important: that it 's okay if you do not win every time. Losing with their team increase the chances of a much higher level of self esteem, and they learn how to not be to sad and to still be proud of what they did well (Davis). This piece of evidence is essential to kids because self-esteem is something many kids do not have, which is a huge problem. Self-esteem is what makes a kid believe in them self, and if they do not have that, they do not have anything. Another problem is not having anyone to rely on, which is another contributor that competitive sports help with. Playing competitive sports is a great way to ensure a…
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