Competitive Strategies & Government Policies Essay

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Competitive Strategies and Government Policies

Brenda Ocampo, Eileen Pool, Bernardo Villegas,

Roderick Phipps, & Mohammed Alodeh

ECO 365

February 4, 2013
Gregory Czarnecki


The fast food industry is a highly competitive environment. For a leading chain such as McDonalds they always need to be thinking ahead about the competition and how the economy affects their industry. Although McDonalds is one of the biggest fast food chains they have to be aware of new companies entering in to the market, mergers, globalization, pricing, and how to continuously sustain their profits. By being aware of these main points they stay ahead in their market. Next McDonalds must regulate themselves in regards to global
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McDonalds has a menu for everyone no matter what country you are in, at any time, this is globalization at its best.

Government policies & taxations The Government is involved in almost everything that everyone does. They intervene in the business and personal lives of people all over the world. They put rules and regulations in place to help control certain aspects of the business and help the public in a way. Obesity has becoming one of the fastest growing problems with Americans due to the health and diets that there are in America. The government has invited McDonald’s by the Department of Health to help write government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease. The government has also helped ban bad oils and other ingredients in fast foods to reduce the health problems with heart disease, high cholesterol, and other problems that lead to obesity. The government is trying to control what we can and cannot eat. The government is trying to ban toys in the Happy Meals and considering passing other laws and regulations, taxes, and initiatives to limit how these restaurants prepare their foods. In Seattle and other restaurants in other states are required to post calorie information for all meals served. These rules have also lead to increasing taxes on sodas and fattening foods to prevent people from purchasing them anymore and making healthier choices. With the
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