Competitive Strategies for Riordan Manufacturing

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Competitive Strategies for Riordan Riordan Manufacturing and its parent company Riordan industries are both performing strongly and though there are some definite flaws apparent in human resources management at Rordan Manufacturing the company is still poised to take advantage of many different competitive strategies depending on a larger environmental assessment. Internally, a very health profit margin and growing sales numbers are generating substantial returns for the company, and the current ratio as well as the total asset to liabilities ratio are enormously high. This in and of itself suggests some possible strategic moves for the company in the coming months and years. The new technologies that are being adopted and the new equipment purchases that are estimated to generate long-term savings and performance improvements also demonstrate part of the strategic course that Riordan might already be taking in order to position itself as a more competitive player in the market. First, the high current and total ratios suggest that the company is very under-leveraged. This in and of itself could be a strategic position, but given the strong and growing sales record at the company and the enormity of the asset/liability divide, much better returns could be generated if the company could identify any growth opportunities in the market place. Taking on debt to fuel growth would be an aggressive but likely a highly effective strategy for the company at the current time,

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