Competitiveness, Strategy, And Productivity

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Chapter 2: Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity To begin with, Chapter two covers three important aspects of the business world which are competitiveness, strategy, and also productivity. These particular aspects are very important for any company to succeed in the world of business. With that being stated, any type of firm such as a manufacturer or a service provider, they must employ these three aspects because they play an important role in growing revenues. For an organization to even be considered successful, they must have a competitive advantage which leads to a strategy that will meet the company’s goals, while having the knowledge-ability to help produce the goods and services in a cost effective manner. Also, it is known that most organizations have a single state called the Mission Statement. The mission statement basically summarizes these three aspects of a company. One question that the Mission Statement should address is, “What level of business are we in?” This mission statement is categorized as the absolute basis for the organizational goals. Furthermore, this particular topic helps the business world in so many ways. Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity are the three important characteristics of any business. Competitiveness in this chapter refers to the effectiveness of an organization in the marketplace similar to the other operations that offer familiar products or services. Strategy is known to denote a particular plan for achieving
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