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Competitor Analysis of Cathay Pacific Airlines

Cathay Pacific Airways is an international airline registered and based in Hong Kong, offering scheduled cargo and passenger services to more than 110 destinations around the world. The main competitors of Cathay Pacific are Singapore Airlines and China Southern Airlines . In this competitor analysis for Cathay Pacific we will assess China Southern Airlines only. 1. What are the objectives of this competitor? The objectives of China Southern Airlines are as follows: * To build an international network-oriented airline with core competitiveness and sustainable profitability. * Core value of "customer first * striving for excellence * continuous innovation and
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* Green Flight & Social Responsibilities
China Southern Airlines has placed the highest concern to the welfare of the nation and its social responsibility to the Chinese society. In 2007, China Southern took a leadership role by releasing the first in a series of reports on the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s corporate social responsibility … and incorporated these corporate social objectives into its strategic business plan.The airline has been honored for its commitments to the society with varied awards from leading aviation and government organizations. 3. What does this competitor believes about this industry? This competitor believes that by engaging and accepting social responsibility and giving the best customer service it can attract more customers and succeed more and more and one day it will become the favorite airline and perhaps the largest in Asia. They believe to be successful and be one of the big players in this industry; they should first put customers before anything else. Giving the greatest customer service, emphasizing on new technology and caring more on safety is the key to success. 4.What are its strengths and weaknesses? Strenghts:
1. Largest air transport network in China with access to over 150 cities and over 600 domestic routes.
2. Centrally located in Guangdong for easy access to the rapid industrial growth of the Pearl River Delta.
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