Competitor Analysis: Hershey's

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Competitor Analysis
The Hershey Company (HSY) competes in the Global Candy and Chocolate Manufacturing industry. This highly competitive and consolidated industry which continues to concentrate as a result of merger and acquisition activity is dominated by a few major players. Included amongst these major players are HSY and three notable competitors, Nestle SA, Mondelez International Inc., and Tootsie Roll Industries. Each of these competitors offers unique competitive advantages versus that of HSY’s current business model, and some are much larger companies that have greater resources with more substantial international operations. As of January 2014, Nestle, Mondelez, and Tootsie Roll had a market share 8.6%, 12.6%, and 3%
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Brazil and Russia)ix
High raw material costs, low net pricing, unfavorable foreign currency
Resources and Capabilities
Financial resources (2013 revenues of $35 billion) to invest into the R&D of new product development, build new manufacturing technology and capabilities, and strategic acquisitions
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