Competitor Analysis Impra Tea

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• TO : Marketing Manager

• FROM : Marketing Assistant

• SUBJECT : Competitor Analysis

• DATE : 27 : 11 : 2009


01. IMPRA TEA EXPORTERS (PVT) Ltd. 1.1 Background


03. COMPETITION FOR IMPRA 3.1 Competitors map 3.2 Justification of mapping: 3.3 How do IMPRA’S major competitors impact on them in
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The coffee consumption in European countries has been increased within the recent past. This can be an issue for us in the future. ( Refer Appendix 2 for the current extended marketing mix of Impra)

02. Industry analysis

2.1 Threat of new entrants We can’t see a big amount of companies exporting tea from Sri Lanka, because it’s harder to enter in to the industry than others. Almost every company that is there in the industry produces their products with some features which are unique to them. With all of its risks and high-price patents (for some products) it’s almost impossible for new companies to get in to Sri Lankan tea exporting industry on the huge profit margins. Also the Ceylon tea brands such as IMPRA, AKBAR and DILMAH that are already there in the market have create a barrier to entry because of the strong reputation that they have built up in consumers minds. Percent players in the industry have squeezed out potential customers with huge marketing campaigns.

2.2 Bargaining power of suppliers Tea exporting companies in Sri Lanka usually buy tea for their production, directly from the tea auctions, in order to ensure the high quality and the freshness of their products. A large number of undifferentiated small suppliers are the ones who are supplying tea for these

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