Competitor And Financial Analysis : Burger King

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Competitor & Financial Analysis Burger King has similar strengths and weaknesses as McDonald’s, but where Burger King falls short is in its “concentrated operations in terms of geographic presence and dependence on selected distributors” (Burger King Worldwide 4). McDonald’s has a much larger operation that is not dependent upon a smaller chain of distributors like Burger King. Burger King is also threatened by the “competition from well-established foodservice companies” (Burger King Worldwide 4) like McDonalds possesses. “McDonald’s and Wendy’s are Burger King’s primary competitors” (Burger King Worldwide).
Wendy’s has various opportunities that give it some advantageous or external growth, but threats from “intense competition may erode the group’s market share” (The Wendy’s Company 4). Wendy’s is a very prominent corporation in the marketplace of North America. “The group is the world’s third largest quick-service restaurant company in the hamburger sandwich segment” (The Wendy’s Company 4). The highly competitive market in the fast-food industry is also one that could “erode Wendy’s market share” (The Wendy’s Company 4). Wendy’s faces fierce competition not only from McDonald’s but also from other “national and regional non-burger sandwich chains, such as Panera, Subway, Quiznos and Yum Brands Inc restaurants” (The Wendy’s Company 7). McDonald’s presents itself as one with a high competitive market and also a one that can overcome that marketplace with its high sales…

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