Competitors for Handheld Electronic Wireless Devices

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COMPETITORS IN THE MARKET There are several competitors in handheld electronic wireless devices in today’s market. Our top competitors are Acer, Visual Land and Nook. The biggest competitors BSC Technology faces are the predominating Crystal clear HD display, powerful processor, and multi-tasking companies of the world, such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, and many others. While all of the companies listed earlier are considered competitors, none offers the kind of trendy, yet practical products provided by BSC Technology. THE TARGET MARKET The target market for BSC Technology is consumers between the ages of 15 and 45. This demographic area likes to spend time online gaming, surfing the Web, using online social media, and student educational work. Consumers really enjoy have an electronic device in their hand capable of stellar-speed downloading and Web surfing speed as well as ergonomically fitting, while socializing with friends and family online. Students in all grades and colleges will appreciate the quality features of this device in performing educational needs. These demanding consumers represent a demographic group of high school and college students and educators, moms and dads, as well as social media pundits and gamers. These common consumers are very price conscious and demand value in all their electronic purchases. They all lead very active lifestyles, regardless of their age. These consumers seek out high-quality electronic devices but are not willing to pay a

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