Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care It System

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Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care IT System ShaVette Howard Instructor Name: Ilisher (Lisa) Ford Health Information Systems November 29, 2014 Competiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care IT Systems Introduction With the rapid growth in technology, many healthcare organizations have embraced the use of healthcare information technologies. As such, the information technology department has various staffs that perform fundamental roles in the information technology-related activities. It ranges from activities of customizing a software to implementing and maintaining a network to ensure effective system backups. In addition, these healthcare information technologies bring about other…show more content…
Other healthcare organizations have integrated the design of healthcare technologies within the organization. For such organizations, the CIO takes part in the analysis and assessments of the proposed healthcare information technology (HIT) applications. The CIO further manages the development, design and implementation of the HITs. In addition, healthcare organizations are rapidly acquiring HITs. Therefore, there is an increasing need to train the healthcare staff to ensure they can use the systems. The CIO, therefore, plans and supervises the development of training methods for the management and technical staff on the use and possible maintenance of the HITs (Tan, Payton, & Tan, 2010). Chief Technology Officer In most of the healthcare organizations, there is a position for the chief technology officer (CTO). The CTO leads the information technology architecture, including the strategies in health care organizations. Importantly, the CIO has a higher rank than the CTO. As such, when there are any IT-related initiatives and recommendations, the CTO reports them directly to the Senior Vice President and the Chief Information Officer. Because healthcare organizations are rapidly acquiring and implementing HITs in their organizations, the need to make clear the vision of the organization, in that context, is imperative. Therefore, the CTO comes in, develops and articulate the technology vision of
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