Complaint Case Studies

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Case Study Complaints Case 1 I am writing to inform you about the situation at the Mason Police Department in Illinois. The department has 90 full time officers varying in ages from 21 to 59. The officers serving at the department have varying tenures with some putting in more than ten years of service to the department. It has come to my attention that the department has come up with a policy where police officers with better performance receive increased compensation after some sort of performance review. It is open knowledge that the duties of police officers require very strong physical ability in most situations especially when it comes to apprehending suspected criminals. I feel that the city's pay-for-performance plan is discriminatory against elderly police officers whose physical ability will not match the young officers. To precise the department is culpable of furthering indirect discrimination because they have developed a strategy to categorize officers of certain age group and putting them at disadvantage by comparing them to officers of other age group. The department is indirectly presiding on a plot to create performance targets that older officers find particularly challenging resulting in younger officers posing performance level that is difficult to match by their relatively older counterparts (Quadagno, 2008). I want to draw your attention to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) that protects individuals aged above 40 years of age or older
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