Complementary Alternative Medicine ( Cam )

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Today 's modern health care is ever evolving in its approach to health and care of a patient revolves around being culturally and ethnically competent in their treatment. In the United States (US), the growing aging population, brings an increasing public awareness of the major risk factors that are contributing to chronic illness. The availability of knowledgeable healthcare practitioners is also growing to meet the needs of this growing population. Complementary alternative medicine (CAM) is aimed to provide a multidisciplinary and educational health care experience. In this project, it will be explained about being culturally and ethnically competent and the use of alternative medicine as an adjunct therapy or a
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As a CAM is evolving and becoming more predominant used as either adjunct and as an alternative in today’s medical society, it could be a strong part of any program.
When looking ahead to the future is this going to be a relevant form of treatment part of a school curriculum. With the use of alternative medications and treatments such as St. Johns wart for depression, fish oil (omega 3, 6, and 9) for lowering cholesterol and yoga and reiki for stress relief, reduction of stress and as a coping mechanism this is just a start of what the future has in hold for its patients. CAM approaches share a rudimentary world view that embraces interconnectivity; emergent, non-linear conclusion of the whole system treatment. In the big picture it has to be remembered that chronic diseases have many characteristics that play into the diagnosis (e.g., genetics, early onset of stress related to life, nutritional status, allergies to medications and foods, age, social environment, coping skills, exercise and fitness, and anything that affects the patient’s condition). With all this in mind this is a great reason to expand the curriculum to fulfill a need of what will be important for the future of nursing and medicine.

Internal and external factors
Internal factors
The use of CAM can emphasize the patient-physician or nurse relationship and makes great use of all complementary therapies, this will include evidence-based medicine as well as corresponding
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