Complementary And Alternative Medicine ( Cam )

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The attitude that doctors tend to prescribe a pill for “everything” has become overwhelming and prominent in mainstream medicine. Patients are looking for other ways to treat their disease or condition without having to take prescription medications or use more holistic methods for their care. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) allows people to try different options with their health care plan. “Complementary and Alternative Medicine refers to a series of medical and health care practices and products that are not an integral part of conventional medicine due to insufficient proof of their safety and effectiveness” (Su & Li, 2011). CAM has been widely described as using treatments with conventional medicine and/or in place of conventional medicine. While there are many different types of CAM, some treatments are well known and used in the United States. Research has shown that “CAM has increasingly been accepted in the United States and all over the world” (Frass, 2012). Some of those treatments include acupuncture, use of a chiropractor, and herbal supplements. People are increasingly turning to CAM therapies because it will be shown that some CAMs are effective. However, people are not aware of the potential side effects because research is not readily available. People must keep in mind that there are potential risks involved with using any type of CAM. Those risks can include worsening of the condition or injury. In addition, recommendations for using CAM will
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