Complementary And Alternative Pain Reduction

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Complementary and Alternative Pain Reduction Methods in Healthcare

Grace Kavanah

The University of Maine

Complementary and Alternative Pain Reduction Methods in Healthcare

Pain is the most commonly reported reason for coming to the hospital in America. It’s causes have a massive variance, and in many chronic cases the root source of pain can not be articulated at all. When a patient reports pain, the role of the nurse, and the whole healthcare staff, is to aim to reduce that pain. In many cases pain reduction can be attained through nonpharmacologic, complementary and alternative methods (CAM). Using CAM to reduce pain is an ideal scenario for both the patient and the healthcare staff as these alternative methods have fewer negative consequential effects.

The following analysis will observe various methods of CAM pain reduction, highlighting two major CAM therapies of interest: music therapy, animal therapy. In addition, the following analysis will discuss how different demographics react to such therapies, with gender, age, ethnicity, and education level playing a role in relation to a patient’s willingness to be open to CAM. Lastly this analysis will discuss the drawbacks of CAM therapies in the medical community today, emphasising a lack of discussion between provider and patient, and the general lack of clinical education surrounding CAM therapies within the medical community.

Major CAM Methods

Music Therapy

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