Complete Recruitment Life Cycle

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QUESTIONNAIREName –Company’s name –Designation –Date-Note – Please tick the appropriate option.1. What source you adopt to source candidates? a. Employee referralb. Campus recruitment c. Advertisingd. Recruitment agenciese. Job portalsf. Other, pls specify – 2. How many stages are involved in selecting the candidate?a. 1b. 2c. 3d. 4e. More3. Do you use any of the following tests during the process of recruitment?a. Writtenb. Aptitudec. Group Discussiond. Personal Interviewe. Psychometric testf. Other, pls specify – 4. How do you track the source of candidate?a. Manualb. Software c.Onlined.Windows. Xls 5. Apart from the HR Manager, who all from the other departments are required to get involved in interviewing process?a. Salesb.…show more content…
Are you aware of the concept of “Video Resume”?a. Nob. Yes, then do you use it – Yes/No18. If the recruitment type is “Employee Referral” then what special privilege has to be paid to the one who has referred?19. In how much time does the whole process generates results?(Time taken in the whole process i.e. from tests, personal interviews to final list of selected candidates)20. Do you do the “Employment Eligibility Verification”? Yes/NoIf yes, then, what method you take up to perform it?a. Internallyb. Through agencies21. What kind of verifications you do?a. Educational qualificationsb. Legal background checkc. Professional background check d. Reference checke. Family background check22. How much do you spend in reference check of 1 candidate?23. What is the average amount spent on each recruitment of an entry-level candidate from recruitment to T&A?24. How much do you spend on T&D and Induction per employee?Generic - 25. How many recruitments you did in the last fiscal year?26. Out of 100% recruitment that you did in the last fiscal year, please determine which source generated what % of candidates?Through – a. Advertising - ………%b. Employee reference - ……….%c. Recruitment agency - ……….%d. Job portals - ………%e. Others - ……….%27. What is the total number of personnel in your HR department?28. Do you have a legal advisor for HR department? Yes/NoIf yes, then is it ..a. Internalb. External
29. Do you have any system to calculate cost per recruitment?a.
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