Complete Three Random Acts Of Kindness

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For this project I chose to complete three random acts of kindness. The first random act of kindness that I completed was done at the University of Saskatchewan campus. One afternoon, I wrote the same message on roughly 10 different flashcards. My plan for this act was to pass out flashcards with kind messages on them and pass them out to students in Murray Library. Attached to the flashcards was two mini chocolate bars. The message read “Good luck studying for midterms! You can do this. I hope this little treat helps you get through our day.” The day after I finished writing all the messages and attaching the chocolate bars, I proceeded to walk around Murray Library and pass them out the strangers. I intended to approach individuals who were sitting by themselves because I people who were by themselves would appreciate it more. Individuals who were sitting in group of people may have been distracted by their friends in order to sincerely take in the random act of kindness. Additionally, I did not want to approach groups of people because then I would feel obliged to give every person in that group a flashcard and some chocolate. The reason why I wanted to do this specific act of kindness is because I wanted to do everything in my power to make a stranger happy. During the time of midterm exams students are very stressed out. Students, including myself at times, are constantly worried about their results, the possibility of failure, and how much time one needs
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