Completing Style Of Conflict Analysis

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Conflicts are a part of every relationship. Everyone has a different style to deal with these conflicts. Competing, Avoiding, Accommodating, Collaborating, and Comprising all have consequences. Completing uses an I win, you lose outlook on conflict. It is associated with a shark. A person with this conflict style doesn't often think about the other person's feelings. I take this approach far more than I should. When arguing with my friends I don’t consider their feelings as much as I should. In the end I make the other person even more upset and solve nothing. DeVito says “... The fact the you win and the other person loses probably means that the conflict hasn't really been resolved but has only been concluded (for now). (269) My life reflects this idea. I get in arguments over the same things often. Now that I have recognized this I am trying harder to fix it. Avoiding uses an I lose, you lose outlook on conflict. It is associated with a turtle. Just as turtles tuck into their shells to stay out of harm's way, people who avoid conflict don't resolve it, but leave it to lester. Conflicts must be solved at some point to maintain a healthy relationship. DeVito uses the example, “If a couple can't agree…show more content…
It is associated with a fox. No one's needs are fully met. Just like a fox this person is known to give a little to gain a little. This results in both parties being displeased. DeVito explains “There will be a residue of dissatisfaction over the inevitable losses that each side has to endure.” (270) People with this conflict style may unknowingly see it as ideal when in all reality it may cause the most harm. You think that this is the way it must be to keep everyone happy when you're probably overlooking a better solution where everyone wins. The compromising style, like most conflict styles works for short term use but over time may cause more conflict or for the same conflict to be dealt with
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