Complex Supply Chain Networks and Supply Chain Drivers

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Complex Supply Chain Networks and Supply Chain Drivers:
The analyst in the Distribution, Engineering, Maintenance, and Productions Management Group of the Central Engineering Department for Canbide Corporation is in charge of analyzing various operations at all of Canbide’s facilities. The purpose of our group is to analyze operations, report our findings, and make recommendations for continued improvements and implementations of Operations Management (OM) tools.
The remainder of this report summarizes our findings and recommendations on three of our electronics facilities located in Oregon. It is a result of a collaborated effort by the entire group, research, analysis, observations, communications with management, and
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Knowledgeable individuals in the right fields should be capable of implementing all our recommendations and be specialist in those areas. Once the proper team is put in place they will be responsible for implementing OM tools, lean production, supply chain management systems, an integrated enterprise resource management systems, identify the needs of additional tools, equipment, technology, and training of employees that will eliminate these problems.
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