Complexity: Analyzing Industry and Idleness

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However, if read more closely, Hogarth actually challenges that superficial reading by the immense amount of detail put into each plate specifically in regards to each person. At first glance, we are able to see exactly what he intended, Francis Goodchild’s good fortune contrasted against Tom Idle’s misfortune. In addition to this, Hogarth intended for another message to be received. As Hogarth praises Goodchild throughout the plates, he also effectively criticizes not only his work ethic, but him solely. More or less, Hogarth’s purpose with Industry and Idleness was to raise the moral of the lower class people and encourage the reader to look past the superficial reading for something more fulfilling.
It is vital to look at both apprentices’ backgrounds by analyzing the many hidden messages and themes that Hogarth inserted into each plate. By doing this, the reader can get a renewed sense of contemporary society during this time frame. Aside from this, it can also help to understand the ethics of the eighteenth century and the aspects of life. This plate series is based on a “moral code” in which Hogarth gives specific notions of morality directed towards…
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