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Complexity is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as the state or condition of being intricate or complex. Something that is complex is further defined as a configuration consisting of interconnected or interwoven parts that are complicated. Complicated is then defined as that which is difficult to understand or analyze. And finally by definition, to understand means to know through experience and comprehend the nature, significance or intended meaning within a causal framework. It is important to note from the above definitions that complexity does not merely mean “not simple”. It is also critical to realize that the complexity of the system must be related to a perspective of understanding as it related to a logical causal…show more content…
So these emergent rules of complexity are not strictly physical laws in the Newtonian sense but rather arise from the logical constructs, functioning and control of the overall system directive which is in turn dependent on the governance of physical laws.
Note the role of the observer in this definition and the reliance upon its ability to process and interpret information. Because of this dependence on a capacity of comprehension by the observer, a complex system can be considered organized or disorganized. Most people would agree that complex systems usually have many parts. However, the way those parts interrelate might be difficult to discern. In fact, there is somewhat of a disconnection between complexity and organization that centers around the observers understanding of the logical causal framework of the system. Warren Weaver posited that disorganized or disordered complexity exists when there are a large number of parts within the system that appeared to interact randomly. Like a mixed solution of chemicals in a glass beaker or gas molecules within a closed container. The emergent properties of such a system (color, temperature, viscosity, etc.) can be understood by solely using probability and statistical methods to describe the interactions of the individual components. By contrast “organized or ordered” complexity

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