Essay on Complexity Theory

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The words “complexity” and “complex” have been used in the context of management. While the word “complex” suggests dynamics rising from the interaction between elements, factors, parts, it results in nonlinear and ongoing changes in the parts. The word “complexity” is used different ways in many organization systems. The different uses of this word is dependent on the systems being chartered and organized. Nowadays, complexity theory is at the center of what systems are today and it is attached with the concept that a system is more than a set of machines. Regarding complexity theory, Margarita Mayoral (2012) stated that “Complexity theory enables the identification, characterization, and comparison of the structure and dynamics of many…show more content…
Complexity theory tries to rationalize the behavior of complex systems by attempting to discover how the separated factors of a system cooperate together to shape the system and its outcomes. Characteristics of Complexity theory
Complexity theory also has some basic characteristics: Complexity theory is characterized by a number of similar elements but they are separated. These elements interact information together by receiving from their neighbors.
While elements keep interacting together, one agent’s actions will affect to another agents so based on these action, they divide into two kinds of feedback which are negative and positive feedback which are the unique feature that differ the complex system from a complicated system. Due to these characteristics, small changes in one area can make a large changes in the whole systems: It is not always easy to determine and identify the boundaries of a complex system. The boundary often comes from the observer’s needs. But sometimes, we can base on the property of the systems to find the boundaries of a complex system. History is an important characteristic in complex systems. It is easy to recognize that all the actions, reactions, and behaviors in the past can influence the current’s behavior. Besides, the complex system also has some other
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