Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture Design: Measurements of Irrational Human Factors

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Design measurement of irrational human factor means gathering design information or data of the users which cannot been considered as totally rational. In this essay, three irrational human factors would be discussed with examples.
The diminishing of modernism claims the failure of rationalism, which proves that the usage of rationality is the same extraordinarily limited in daily life with which in philosophy. Usually users don’t really apply rationality on normal everyday things. More frequently, their choices are based on irrational factors such as tastes, environments, cultural backgrounds, habits, personality and etc.. For example, when at lunch, most of customers cannot give the rational reasons of choosing Burger King or Macdonald
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The presenter should go out to the end of the corridor and turn off the lights and go back with forgetting what he has done. These kind of failure in design is caused by the lack of consideration of users’habit. The habit contained in the switch example specifically refers to the thinking habit of correspondence because the design does not show the relation between each button and lights in each area.
The light switch in basement 1 in certain building
Another design leaving much to be desired in this school is the digital lock on the door. The lock is installed on the right side of the door frame. The hight is 120 cm. The good part of this design is that it’s easy found, and it’s not too high nor too low for most adults’ arms to reach. Additionally, here’s a LED screen constant reminding position and time. But, the card scanning function does not reach the design purpose. The most obvious reason for this phenomenon is that it does not tell users where to scan their access cards. There is no gap or tap surface with special color nor material that can give you hits of “scan here”. Secondly, the sensor inside the digital lock is not sensitive enough to make sure that the access cards could be detected wherever they are put on the lock. So the users have to move around the access cards on the surface of the lock to make detected. Sometimes, they would think the room is not available after they try several times to open the door but fail. The problem is caused by unfelt
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